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What is chemical straightening?

Chemical hair straightening is the most effective straightening. It changes the structure of hair, destroying the sulfur bond inside each hair but not violating the hair itself.

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How is permanent hair straightening done?

This is hair relaxing technique when the bonds are broken. When the right number of bonds are broken then the curly or wavy hair becomes straight. The test must be done to see the right combination. Because if too many bonds are broken – hair becomes limp, if the sufficient number isn’t broken then the hair doesn’t straighten out.

The following chemicals are used: Sodium hydroxide, Ammoniumthioglycolate, Guanidine hydroxide, Ammonium (diammonium) sulfide, Cysteamine hydrochloride triethanolamine.

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What type of hair does this method is used best on?

Mostly all types, but it is not recommended for weak, thin and breaking hair, sensitive scalp, or for permed, chemically dyed hair (6 months before straightening).

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Will permanent hair straightening damage hair?

Formula is quite simple: the more chemicals are used or the more aggressive they are, the better result is achieved (straighter hair), but the more chemical damage is done to the hair and the more difficult it is to revive it. Please consult with professional carefully before doing this procedure.

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How long does chemical straightening effect last?

Chemical straightening effects last for a very long time, until hair regrows, or 6-9 months.

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Pros & Cons (compare to similar procedures)

  • Most effective straightening;
  • Last for a very long time.
  • Expensive;
  • Professional and experienced hairdresser needed!
  • Might weaken the hair.
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