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When we hear “Mineral Smoothing Hair Treatment” it always comes with the brand “Saphira”.

Saphira hair straightening products have 26 different minerals from the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is rich in salts and minerals. The mineral content of the Dead Sea has been proven to have healing properties for the skin and hair.

How is Saphira Mineral Smoothing done?

Washing the head with Saphira shampoo, applying Saphira smoothing, blow drying. Treatment is completed by using ceramic flat iron. More detailed video about the procedure is here.

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What type of hair does this method is used best on?

It’s mostly suitable for all types of hair: weak hair, curly hair, grey hair or even strong and healthy hair. There are several types of this treatment: Medium, Intense, Light and Blonde. So your hairdresser should choose the one that is most suitable for your hair.

Intensive treatment – for strong and curly hair, which are very hard to straighten.

Blond hair treatment – for blond or light colour hair as it contains shampoo which enriches the natural or dyed hair colour with silver colour tone.

Intensive and Blond Hair treatments will last up to 5 months.

Healing treatment – for damaged hair. This product is full of vitamins and minerals to help restore your hair. This treatment will last up to a month healing and improving the hair structure every day.

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Will mineral smoothing damage my hair?

Most of “Saphira” products contain Keratin as its main ingredient. Keratin is a very intense hair straightening product which can damage your hair and epidermis very easily. For this reason, “Saphira” came up with a unique formula of 26 different minerals; which protects and enriches hair structure and epidermis after the treatment.

Saphira hair care products are without any waxy products such as paraben and paraffin free; also sulfate free and sodium chloride free.

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How long does the Saphira mineral straightening effect last?

The treatment will last up to 5 months (keeping your hair smooth and straight).

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How to take care of my hair after permanent hair straightening?

It’s recommended do not wash your hair 48 hours after the procedure.  It’s best to use at home Saphira Shampoo and Mineral Mud.

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Pros & Cons (compare to similar procedures)

  • Safe ingredients (no parabens)
  • Nice result
  • Quite expensive
  • Long lasting result not suitable for weak hair
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  1. Po šios procedūros plaukai tobuli. Esu pasidariusi ir jau kelis kartus ploviau galvą ir plaukai man labai patinka, jie labiau spindintys, tiesūs, atrodo daug sveikesni, ir nesivelia. Jaučiu kada nors būtinai darysiu vėl!


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